The AI-powered health platform

With tallywell, you get comprehensive analytics to assess the health of your employee population to help you make smarter business decisions. 

Measure your population's health risk

Tallywell is an AI-powered health platform that uses biometric, claims, and prescription data to give your organization insight into the health and risk factors of your employee population. Using advanced and predictive analytics, your company can use the reporting data to make business decisions to create effective wellness programs and health benefit offerings.

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Confidentiality and Privacy

Tallywell protects user data and adheres to stringent privacy protocols to ensure total confidentiality.

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Our platform goes beyond traditional health assessments by identifying potential risks.

Employee Health Confidence

Tallywell's Employee Health Confidence program aims to improve overall workforce well-being. We provide each employee a tallywell score (a similar concept to the consumer credit score) and predictive analytics based on their behavior. Individual data is never shared with the employer. At the organization level, you will receive an aggregation of all the data that will highlight areas your company is doing well and opportunities for improvement that also highlight population health risk factors like hypertension, diabetes, stress, and more.

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Predictive Claims

Harness predictive analytics to create a roadmap supporting both workforce well-being and organizational financial health. Tallywell synthesizes claims, prescription, and biometric data into actionable insights, empowering employers to make informed decisions using real-time data. This strategic tool aids in addressing health needs, enhancing engagement, and optimizing healthcare costs.

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Predictive Claims Analytics
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Transform your company's health data into a valuable business asset. Our actionable health data benefits both individuals and employers, providing a holistic view of the well-being of your workforce.

Claims Analytics
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Tallywell deciphers coded healthcare transactions into actionable intelligence, enabling employers to reduce and optimize healthcare costs and address population health risks effectively.

Predictive Analytics
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Leverage tallywell's proprietary models for population health risk predictions. By anticipating potential health events, employers can implement strategies to mitigate risks, ultimately saving both money and lives.

Health Management and Incentives
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Targeted incentives are designed to shift employee behavior from reactive to preventative, fostering a healthier and more productive workforce. Our solution empowers employers to proactively manage health and well-being, creating a win-win situation for both employees and the organization.

The Inception of Tallywell and the Synthetic Data

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Tallywell's inception is the result of over two years of dedicated research into wellness solutions using smartphone capabilities.. The evolution of devices, notably iPhones and Apple Watches, has been meticulously refined to capture nuanced data points crucial for a holistic understanding of individuals' overall health.

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Take care of yourself and your family with confidence

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