Tallywell and Stress Management: A Holistic Approach to Mental Well-being

Tallywell Team
December 18, 2023

What is tallywell, and how can it help with stress management? Tallywell is an innovative new Apple Watch app that gives people access to a FICO-like score for their health. The app leverages comprehensive health data from Apple’s HealthKit to calculate a personalized tallywell score. Each score experience is fed to a predicting machine that produces tallywell’s weekly Know Your Numbers report. Know Your Numbers provides users past and current health trends, predicts future scores and subscores, and makes recommendations on how to improve sleeping habits, exercise, heart rate, BMI/weight, and more. By providing insights and recommendations, tallywell can help users pinpoint areas of their lives where they can take action to improve their health and reduce stress.

How does tallywell help with stress management? Tallywell’s approach to health and well-being is holistic, meaning it takes into account various aspects of a person's life. The tallywell score is based on data collected from Apple Watch, including steps, heart rate, sleep, and calories burned. By collecting this data, tallywell can help users understand how different aspects of their lives are interconnected and how changes in one area can affect others. For example, if a user's tallywell score is low because they are not getting enough sleep, tallywell can provide recommendations on how to improve their sleep quality, which can in turn help reduce stress.

Another way tallywell can help with stress management is by providing personalized recommendations. Everyone's health needs are different, and tallywell recognizes this by providing customized recommendations based on each user's unique needs. These recommendations can help users manage stress in a variety of ways, such as by improving their diet, increasing their exercise, or practicing mindfulness techniques like meditation. By providing personalized recommendations, tallywell can empower users to take control of their health and reduce their stress levels.

Tallywell can also help users stay accountable and motivated. The app updates the tallywell score daily, and users receive a weekly Know Your Numbers report. This frequent feedback can help users stay motivated to make positive changes in their lives and see how their efforts are paying off.

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